Astrology compatibility match

by astrowriter4 12. July 2011 06:30

Astrology compatibility match is a heaven-sent form of science that has saved many marriages from destruction or disaster. This Vedic science which can allow people to find their perfect partners is centuries old. It has been used by Indians and all people of Indian origin who wish to enjoy years of passion and joy in a beautiful relationship without the fear of divorce or death. Vedic astrology plays a wonderful role in the low divorce rate that is prevalent in most parts of India. As Indians move around the world, they carry their rich cultural inheritance of loving families and long lasting marriages.


Although Vedic astrology has been around for centuries or may be a millennium or more, Astrology compatibility match has been around about the same too. One of the ways by which Vedic astrology finds out if two people are matched is to get their individual horoscopes or birth charts and compare and contrast the individual’s likes and dislikes, abilities and drawbacks, good times and not so good times, changes in life, longevity, ability to make money, propensity to buy a home and keep it for live, etc. Through the magic of Vedic astrology, one can easily determine if a person he or she loves is the perfect one for them.


Astrology compatibility match is the sole reason why India has such a low incidence of divorce. Although Indian families frown on divorce, the number of divorces is increasing as more people throw away ancient shastras and move to western forms of ideas where physical attraction is the most important aspect that makes one decides whom to marry. This mistake is very costly as broken marriages lead to sad children, child abuse, drug addiction, interest in pornography, affairs etc. Moreover the vicious cycle continues with the children when they are incapable for leading a happy married life since they themselves do not understand the sacrifices needed to keep a marriage stable and in harmony. As western ideas take root in India, more and more divorces may happen and all of the problems that are experienced by the Western nations will haunt Indian families. To avoid this, we need to go back to the ancient methods of comparing and matching horoscopes to ensure a happy and successful marriage for all.


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