Ask Ganesha match making

by astrowriter4 2. August 2011 15:07

Ask Ganesha match making is carried out on the internet at the askGanesha site. This site uses Vedic astrologers to find out about the future using questions asked in a way to Lord Ganesha, one of the most favorite deities in the world. Although Ganesha is still believed in many parts of India to be a unmarried deity, it is also believed that He is the giver of blessings including a happy married life for everyone. At the ask Ganesha site, they compare many of the characteristics of two different people who are being matches to see if they are compatible for marriage by comparing their gunas and doshas including manglik dosha.


One of the Ask Ganesha match making routine is to find out the longevity of the two partners-to-be. All of us know that without longevity a happy married life doesn’t exist. Another comparison is that of mental compatibility and similarity in behavior, annoyance and how affectionate they are. Also, the probability of having a child should show up on both horoscopes; otherwise it means that they will not have a child together. Health is another important issue. Major health problem, disability, small or big illnesses that may arrive, ability and good selection of major food groups, lack of addictions to food, etc are considered to see if the two people are a good match.


Ask Ganesha match making also includes ways to determine tendency to separate or fight constantly thus leaving no space for a loving relationship. If there are gaps in the couple’s lives where they have to live separately, it is not considered a good sign for compatibility. Financial stability is of course one of the major considerations. Either they come from a rich family with prospects of good inheritance of a chance of excelling at work or business shows that they family will not have to worry about money or financial hardship. To compare the horoscopes, the astrologer combs through both the horoscopes analyzing both charts and all nine planets including the effects of the planet Mars. Also, the Gun Milan table along with the resulting number of the Gun Matching will be given to the couple.



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