A Happy Marriage With Nadi Dosh Nivaran

by astrowriter4 1. February 2011 14:12

Vedic Astrology depends on the birth charts of individuals. When a child is born, the family or local astrologer draws the natal chart for the child and this chart is always looked into when a problem occurs in the child’s life. The time and day that the child is born determines the “star” sign of the child. These stars are divided into three groups: adi or first nadi, madhya or middle nadi and Antar of last nadi. For marriage purposes, it is believed that each of the partners should be born in different nadis. If they are born in the same nadis, the couple is believed to require nadi dosh nivaran to remove all the obstacles in their marriage.

The problem with both partners having the same nadis is that their temperaments will be very similar. This is a problem when both are quick to get angry or are lazy, unreliable, liars, etc. Just like like poles, they tend to repel rather than from a cohesive and loving unit as a married couple. These nadis are also important in Ayurveda. The nadis also signify the vata, pitta an kapha elements which give clues to the natural tendencies inherent in the couple. If they are similar, the couple may end up arguing or not talking to each other. However, if the couple fell in love or were friends before the wedding, such a union will be allowed without the requirement of matching horoscopes. It is then believed to be a divine union which may not require a nadi dosh nivaran ritual.

There are a few circumstances when the couple can get married even though they are born in the same nadis. One such situation is when the both have different Nakshatra or star. Or at times, the nakshatra are same but the rashis are different. Also when the rashis as well as nakshatras are same but the pada or the nakshatra is different. If the couple requires nadi dosh nivaran, the Mahamrityunjaya mantra may be recited the required times. Remember to donate to the Vedic priest some grains, cloth, a swarna-nadi and a cow. Once this ritual is completed, the marriage can take place. Depending on the different combinations of this dosha between the couple, other remedies may be ascribed.

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Indranil Datta
Indranil Datta
3/23/2011 10:57:45 PM #

Nadi Dosh Analysis in match making?

Boy Details : DOB- 24/11/1984, Time 4:05 PM, place - Kolkata,West Bengal,India
Girl Details : DOB- 08/06/1984, Time 6:50 AM, place - Howrah,West Bengal,India

Nadi dosh is present in the match making analysis.The charans are however different.Please advice


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