7th House Vedic Astrology | Seventh House Vedic Astrology Meaning

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Seventh house Vedic astrology is one of the most important aspects of Hindu astrology. In a horoscope, seventh house Vedic astrology can be related to partnerships including marriage and business. All matters pertaining to marriage are ascertained from the seventh house. The planets which occupy the seventh house, their star lords and planet owning the seventh house are very important to know the happiness of married life. Seventh house lord should not be in 6th, 8th or 12th from the seventh for a happy marriage as per seventh house vedic astrology.

Similarly, Saturn or Rahu in seventh can give marriage with an elderly person or a widow/widower or divorcee. Mars there is a sure guarantee of two marriages. Jupiter in this house of the horoscope makes the spouse obese, Mercury is a danger sign as the partner may be incapable of sex. Indian astrology says that the relation between ascendant lord and the seventh lord should be very friendly for partners to be in good relation with each other. Seventh being a quadrant it can also give Pancha maha purusha yogas just like the 4th house. In an Indian horoscope, when 10th lord combines with 7th lord, the person will do business. Gain or loss depends on planets in 11th house from 7th, ie, the 5th house of his horoscope.

Besides the life partner, the seventh house shows the partner in the trade or business and the amount of success that is achieved through the virtue of partnership. Friendship is also indicated. The seventh house is also referred to the people with whom the native will have contracts or agreements. The native may come into conflict with the people or may engage in argument, duels, litigation, or contest, like for instance the person may face a competitor in any kind of undertaking.

He may have public adversaries in elections. The seventh house may be said to indicate all the people with whom the native is engaged in transaction or any kind of dealing in any manner. These people may include the engineer or contactor, who constructs the house for the native, the person for whom the native builds the house, the doctor who attends on the native, the patient on whom the native attends, the person who lends money to the native, or the person from whom he borrows the money.

The effects of planets in seventh house as per seventh house vedic astrology are as follows :

  • Sun - Body will be emaciated, gives two spouses. The nature of the spouse will be bad.
  • Moon - Peaceful and beautiful spouse.
  • Mars - Two spouses. Wife may get sick.
  • Mercury - Good and beautiful spouse.
  • Jupiter - Good partner, good wife and a good vehicle.
  • Venus - Wealth. May lose spouse.
  • Saturn - An ugly and older spouse.
  • Rahu - Marital problems on the cards.
  • Ketu - Bad sexual habits.


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