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The fifth house can be directly related with luck and chance. It is even said that you should have a good fifth house in order to win in gambling. In case you do not have a good fifth house, you are bound to lose. If the house is occupied with one or more planets, then the native has a natural interest and/or problems connected with all fifth house matters. One cannot have a poor fifth house condition and enjoy some fifth house matters and not others. All these matters are related in some way and a poor fifth house is reflected in all related matters. It also deals with the native's romantic affairs, procreation, his/her offspring, and with artistic endeavors, hobbies, books written and so on.

According to Indian Astrology, the fifth house is the triad house of 1, 5, and 9 which has connection with birth, karma and dharma. This is a very interesting triad because man is born to experience the results/retributions for the past actions. The kind of actions performed is indicated by the fifth house, its lord and planets associated with the fifth house in a horoscope. If they were good then the ninth house is equally good giving him further opportunities to do well to the world. The houses 1, 5, 9 also signify the parental relations such as first is self, fifth is the child, and ninth is the father of self. 1 being fifth from ninth is the self or fathers son. The cycle goes on endlessly. Fifth house also stands for higher education in an Indian horoscope and also specialization, research etc. When connected with ninth, the higher education takes place in a foreign country.

Effects of Planets in the Fifth House :


  • Sun - May become child less and suffer on account of that deficiency in life.
  • Moon - Sharp intellect and well versed in shastras.
  • Mars - Harmful to child birth.
  • Mercury - Good intellect, devotion to God and good progeny.
  • Jupiter - May suffer on account of son or due to untimely loss of son. Well educated with good prestige. Could become an astrologer.
  • Venus - Rich, famous and endowed with good daughters.
  • Saturn - Son can cause trouble and sorrow. Delay in having children or no children at all.
  • Rahu - Troubles on account of children.
  • Ketu- Indicative of the benefits gained by prayers of the past lives, religious and well versed in scriptures shastras etc.
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8/28/2012 12:33:18 PM #

True. I lost 2 kids died
I have 1 daugther gifted artisy child


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