10th House Vedic Astrology

by Hindu Astrology 18. November 2011 11:35

In Vedic astrology, the tenth house is considered to be the most important house after the ascendant. The reasons for this being that it is opposite to the fourth house and it is primarily related to career. Vedic astrology calls the tenth house by the name, Karma bhava.Vedic astrology also states that a person becomes professionally strong depending on the strength of the tenth lord and the tenth house. In the same way, if the tenth house or tenth lord is weak, the same person will suffer professionally.

According to Vedic astrology, the tenth house is directly related to Karma or action. Vedic astrology also explains the fact why people do different kind of jobs irrespective of their educational qualifications. A person of a higher qualification may be doing a clerical job if his tenth house is weak. In Vedic astrology, the tenth house basically explain the overall status of a person in life.

There are a lot different things in Vedic astrology that need to be studied to check the effects of the tenth house. These include planets in the tenth house, signs in the tenth house, influence of planets etc. In the same way, there are many different things to which the tenth house can be related. Some of these things are ambitions, motivations, career, status, Government, authority etc.

Vedic astrology also explains that a person will be determined and focused in the presence of a stable sign in the tenth house. Such a person is patient and independent. He also likes to focus on his career and business activities. Mercury are Jupiter are closely related to a person success and hence, they are the Karak planets of the tenth house.

According to Vedic astrology, Sun is the strongest in the tenth house. The person is very successful in the presence of Sun in the tenth house. In the same way, Saturn in tenth house also benefits a person as it is directly related to status and livelihood. A strong Saturn in the tenth house makes sure that a person has a high status in the whole society and leads a very good life.

According to the tenth house vedic astrology, the tenth house is a quadrant. The sign at the beginning of this house along with the ruling planet of that sign and the planets in the tenth house influence the career in a great way. The tenth house vedic astrology is not just studying about the tenth house, but also about the second house, seventh house and eleventh house. The correct conclusion to anything related to the tenth house can be reached by studying it’s Lord, placement, significance and planets influencing this house. Different planets give different effects when placed in the tenth house.

Vedic astrology is a very broad concept and also explains the formation of various different Yogas along with the tenth house. Many Yogas have been explained in Vedic astrology that are formed because of the presence of either the tenth house or the tenth lord.

Basically, the tenth house vedic astrology states that the tenth house is primarily related to Karma and is also known as Karma Bhava. The tenth house vedic astrology even teaches us of being in power and authority and how to not use that power and authority against the under-privileged or less fortunate.


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