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Prediction of the future from Ketu Chakra

Ketu ChakraIn the series of prediction of the future from planet chakras, this last article focuses on the future prediction with the help of Ketu Chakra. Ketu chakra is based on the position of Nakshatra in which Ketu is located. The position of birth nakshatra in this chakra determines the future of the person's life.

Let us see how to predict the future with the help of Ketu chakra.

Formation of Ketu Chakra
The nakshatra in which Ketu is situated is established on the head of the Ketu chakra created in the form of a human picture. All other nakshatras after Ketu nakshtra are established on the different parts of the human picture. The location of birth nakshtra in different parts of the Ketu chakra determines the future of a person.

Ketu ChakraEstablishment of Nakshatras in Ketu Chakra
The nakshtras are established in the Ketu Chakra in the following order:

The next four nakshatras after Ketu nakshtra are established on the head in the chakra.
For example: If Ketu is in Vishakha nakshatra in the person's birth chart then after Vishakha nakshtra, the next four Punarvasu, Pushya, Ashlesha and Magha are also established on the head.

  • The next two nakshtras are established on the mouth.

  • Next five are established on the ears.

  • Next two nakshtras are established on the chest.

  • The next four are established on the hands.

  • The next five nakshtras are established on the feet.

  • Last four nakshtras are established on the stomach.

That is how total 27 nakshatras are established.

Results of Ketu Chakra

Birth Nakshatra on the Head
Position of birth-nakshatra on the head may give the person ability to defeat his enemies. The person will be successful in the competitive examinations.

Birth Nakshatra on the Mouth
When the birth-nakshatra is located on the mouth, the person may have many fear factors. This yoga is not much auspicious for the person. He should handle each activity of his life carefully in order to avoid the mishappenings.

Birth Nakshatra on the Ears
When the birth-nakshatra of the person is on the ears, the person should make efforts to avoid accidents. This yoga may increase accident risks for the person.

Birth Nakshatra on the Chest
When the birth-nakshatra is on the chest, the person may pass through a state of depression in the future. This yoga may not be much auspicious for him.

Birth Nakshatra on the Hands
If the birth-nakshatra is established on the hands, the yoga so formed increases the comforts of life for the person. This person enjoys a luxurious life full of all amenities and pleasures.

Birth Nakshatra on the Feet
If the birth-nakshatra is established on the feet in Ketu Chakra, the person gets happiness, respect, fame and luxurious vehicles in his life.

Birth Nakshatra on the Stomach
When the birth-nakshatra is established on the stomach, the person gets various opportunities of traveling to different places. The person may sometimes waste his time in unproductive work.

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  1. sundar said on Aug 28, 2010 09:46 PM
    When Ketu is said to be in Visaka how the can next four stars consist of Punarvasu,Pushya.Some mistake is there

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