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Your Moonsign and YouWe can know about the likes and dislikes of anyone through Astrology. Apart from this, we can also know about the hobbies and interests of the person as well as his love for food, kinds of friends and way of talking simply on the basis of the location of the sign in the Ascendant house.

Let us analyze how the sign in the Ascendant determines the behavior of an individual.

Your personality if your moon sign is Aries
If the Aries sign is located in the Ascendant the individual will be aggressive in nature because Aries is the sign of Mars. He will be very courageous and bold. He will be very energetic and enthusiastic. He will be very hard-working and does not lack behind in making efforts. However, he will be short-tempered and get angry on small issues which can be harmful for him sometimes. He should try to control his anger and maintain his patience.

The individual of the Aries Ascendant will also like to write letters and talk on phone. He is friendly and has long list of friends. He is also very fun-loving in nature and loves to travel a lot. However one of the weaknesses of this person is he trusts others easily.

Your personality if your moon sign is Taurus
If Taurus is located in the Ascendant the individual is a good speaker. He has the potential to influence others through his speech. He is patient, playful, humble and friendly in nature. He has delicacy in his voice which can win the hearts of others. The individual also respects his teachers and is cautious about his rights.

An individual of Taurus Ascendant has interest in handicrafts and also likes swimming and gardening. He also likes cooking and listening to music.

Your personality if your moon sign is Gemini
When Gemini is located in the Ascendant the person has sweetness in his voice. He gets the affection of his loved ones and has the ability to defeat his enemies. He is intellectual and easily picks up new things. He is very hard-working and dedicated and also likes to be busy in his work.

The person also likes singing and sports. He also takes interest in decorating home and in acting that is why he likes entertainment and things related to it a lot. He likes art and crafts and painting etc.

Your personality if your moon sign is Cancer
The person who has cancer in his Ascendant is very spiritual in nature. He has many friends and apologizes easily if he realizes his mistakes and people cannot be disappointed with him for long. He likes to serve others and is very emotional. He is intelligent and kind-hearted.

The person has interest in studies and likes writing. He participates actively in social ventures and charitable activities.

Your personality if your moon sign is Leo
If Leo is located in the Ascendant the person will be very enthusiastic and courageous. He will be strict in nature. He sticks to his decisions which will lead him towards success. He is good-looking. He likes to travel a lot and is very broad-minded. He also obeys his elders and is friendly in nature.

He likes playing cricket. He likes listening to music and collecting artistic things.

Your personality if your moon sign is Virgo
The person of Virgo Ascendant is very sharp-minded and intelligent. He follows the path of truth. He has a strong will power and is practical in nature. He has good sense of humor. He is charming and possesses strong memory. He believes in karmas than relying on destiny. The person has an attractive appearance due to which he is quite famous and people of opposite sex get easily attracted towards him.

Your personality if your moon sign is Libra
If Libra is located in the Ascendant the person takes interest in auspicious work. He likes to speak truth. He is peace-loving and sensitive in nature. He is intelligent and takes well-thought out decisions.

The person becomes famous among people of opposite sex. This kind of a person lives for today and does not think about tomorrow. The person has the ability to judge between right and wrong.

The person has interest in sports and traveling. He also likes car racing but he should be little careful about adventurous sports.

Your personality if your moon sign is Scorpio
If Scorpio is in the Ascendant the person is very short-tempered, aggressive and courageous. However, the person's aggressive nature can be harmful for him. He needs to maintain his patience. He likes to show his power and strength. He is talented and has the ability to achieve success through his own hard work.

The person likes to collect things. He likes gardening and knitting. He likes music and exercising. The person likes traveling and holidaying at hills stations and mountain areas.

Your personality if your moon sign is Sagittarius
The person of Sagittarius Ascendant is very humble and generous. He is intelligent and knowledgeable. The person likes to adhere to rules and regulations. He is also very spiritual and obeys his teachers. The location of this sign in Ascendant increases his wealth. He likes to study and read books. He is very straight forward and likes to argument. The person likes to discover new things and also likes to play games on computer.

Your personality if your moon sign is Capricorn
The person of Capricorn Ascendant is courageous and patient. He is introvert in nature and works within the rules of society. The person takes great interest in social ventures and charity.

The person will have immense interest in technical fields. He also likes drawing, painting and swimming. He also has interest in the study of Astrology.

Your personality if your moon sign is Aquarius
If the Aquarius sign is located in the Ascendant, the person has stable mind. He is hard-working and dedicated. He is patient and a moral being. He is generous and loves to discover new things. If he maintains his trust on someone he will never lose it. He likes cars and machines and car racing. He also likes martial arts, acting and dancing. He likes playing hockey.

Your personality if your moon sign is Pisces
If Pisces is located in the Ascendant, the person is sensible at work. He likes to study and is proficient in his subject. He sticks to his decisions and proves to be a good adviser and counselor. He likes gardening and watching wrestling. He also has interests in art and crafts, listening to music and cooking.
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