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Impact of Saturn's Transit with other planet on your life

The transit of Saturn is given special importance among all the planets. The transit of Saturn leads to Saturn's Sadesati. This yoga is formed only by the transit of Saturn. Saturn's Dhaiyya is also created by the transit of this planet. People have many misconceptions about the transit of Saturn.

Influence of Transit of Saturn through Sun during Birth
When Satun transits through Sun in the birth chart, the tensions and stress of the person increases. He feels disturbed due to delay in promotion. He follows the laws and has fear of violating them.

If Sun and Saturn share animosity, the person gets responsibilities and his powers at work get reduced. However, all these results are not same for everyone. When Saturn aspects its own house as a Yogakarak planet, the person definitely gets favorable results.

If Jupiter, Venus or Rahu are located in second house from Sun, the transit of Saturn improves your economic status. This transit of Saturn increases wealth and prosperity of the person.

Influence of Saturn's Transit on Moon during Birth
If Saturn transits through the Moon in the birth-chart, the person is under the second phase of Saturn's Sadesati. This transit of Saturn increases the mental stress of the person. The person faces various obstacles at work but he will be able to complete all his pending projects through his efforts and hard work.

The person may face obstacles in starting new projects. During the transit of Saturn through Moon, the person may feel disappointed due to incomplete tasks. But if Jupiter or Venus aspects or forms a conjunction with Moon, the person gets economic benefits.

Saturn's transit through Moon increases the opportunities for traveling. In this transit, the person may go on a lot of journeys for business purposes. This transit may increase health problems of his mother.

Effects of Saturn's Transit on Mars
This transit may increase the possibility of conflicts at work. If Jupiter or Venus are located in trine house from Mars, the person will get favorable results during this transit. If Rahu is in second house from Mars, the person may not get inauspicious results of Saturn's transit.

Transit of Saturn through Mercury
Saturn and Mercury share friendly relationship, therefore, this transit helps the person complete all his business projects within the stipulated time frame. The work on business projects may be slow and he may also get various obstacles during his work.

This transit helps the person to speak of his mind. He makes new friends and gets benefits from his old contacts. The person may earn profits in business through his intelligence and efforts. The transit of Saturn through Moon also helps the person to start his new business.

Transit of Saturn through Jupiter
When Saturn transits through Jupiter, the person may get promotion in his job. This transit is also favorable for businessmen to expand their business and gain respect and honor in the society. If Jupiter is malefic in the birth-chart, the person gets opposite results. During this transit, the person also tries to change his job.

Transit of Saturn through Venus
The relationship between Venus and Saturn is also friendly. The person gets auspicious results of this transit in his birth-chart. If the person puts some efforts, he will be able to reap benefits of land, property, vehicles, wealth and prosperity. Venus is the karak of vehicles and marriage, therefore, if Saturn as a friendly planet transits through this planet, the person will enjoy a happy married life.

Venus is also a planet of wealth and comforts, therefore, when Saturn transits through this planet, the comforts and conveniences of the person gets increased. The wealth and fame of the person also increases during this transit.

Transit of Saturn through its Own Place
When the transit of Saturn influences the birth-Saturn, it is very auspicious for the profession of the person and gives him favorable results. The planet transits through the same sign after every 30 years. Therefore, the transit of Saturn through its own place is very important for success in business.

If this transit takes place in the birth-chart of a person during his professional life, he attains new heights of success.

Transit of Saturn through Rahu
During this transit, the person may have to work really hard. He may have to perform the work related to policy-making. During this transit, the person gets flexibility in his thoughts and welcomes new ideas. He tries to perform non-traditional tasks. The person gets a chance to work on big projects during this transit of Saturn through Rahu.

Transit of Saturn through Ketu
The results of this transit are inauspicious. The person may change his job during this time. This transit may create problems in his professional life. The person may get terminated from his job.
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Comment(s) on this article

  1. Sonia said on Apr 15, 2011 04:09 PM
    Well i have been through such a situation of Saturn's Sadesati.This have lead to many positive and negative changes in my life at regular intervals of this period. I would also like to mention that i have just finished with the Saturn's Sadesati in my kundli, would like to ask you that do i need to do ant specific remedies which help me out as i can see there are still some impact of Saturn's Sadesati on my life. Can you help me with this....?
  2. Ashutosh Mishra said on Jun 13, 2011 03:06 PM
    Saturn transiting through the 2nd house from the Moon makes the person suffer from loss of beauty and comforts. The native will become weak and will get wealth from other person but will not able to enjoy. long.
  3. Ashutosh Mishra said on Jun 13, 2011 02:39 PM
    When staurn transit through the sign occupied by the Moon at the birth such person will suffer from poison and from fire.There are chances of imprisonment and forture if badly afflicted house. He will also travel to the foreign land and stay with his friends.
  4. A.R.Hashemzadeh said on Sep 29, 2012 02:49 PM
    How the position and place of saturn transited planet is considered on natal planets when the horary or progress chart is going to be interpretated
  5. Thakkar Rakeshkumar Lalbhai said on May 06, 2014 10:54 AM
    Dear Mishraji, It depends on the base i.e., copper,silver,iorn, gold. Any how if the person maintain moral values, spirituality, Chantinh Hanuman Chalisa, Ohm Namah Shivay, Shree Vishnu Sahastra Nam, Gitaji can surely help to sail over the tidy waves. Jay Shree Krishna.
  6. raaj said on Jun 09, 2014 12:47 PM
    Hi I am raaj I am still struggling from 1999 but yet I am not settle. Kindly tellb me why this happened with me I am trying my best but then also not getting any result in my field D o b - 9/6/1976,10:45am,amritsar
  7. rohit said on Aug 31, 2014 04:24 PM
    hi myself rohit. my lagna is libra and rashi is singha. my moon is in 11th house and at present it's mahadasha is going on so what is the result of this planet during ths period? whether I get benefit during this period or get loss? should I do business or job? kindly suggest me. Thanks...
  8. roweena said on Mar 17, 2016 12:37 PM
    Yes I have Vrischika moon, my moon is vargottama in Vrischika and it is in nakshatra of anuradha ruled by saturn! Plus I have jupiter and ketu with the moon in vrischika (I know vargottama reverses a debilitation especially the moon in scorpio) As saturn is going over my moon yes I do feel anxiety and pressure but nothing out of the ordinary for me in my whole life I actually face fears and anxieties without fear; during my saturn said sati I have not really been full of fear I actually want to confront my fears like they say you do during said sati. I actually want to undertake my responsibilities. Does anyone who have vargottama scorpio moon undergoing saturn sadi sati feel the same way??

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