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Saturn According to the KP System of Astrology

Saturn is given the principal place among all the nine planets. Saturn transits in slow pace due to which it has a long-term influence on the person. Lord shiva accorded the rightful position of punishment officer to Saturn. Due to its right to punishment it inspires people to follow the path of morality and justice.

Saturn is always respected for its qualities. Some of the qualities of Saturn are discussed here According to Krishnamurthi system of Astrology.

Qualities of Saturn according to the KP System of Astrology
Saturn has a long lasting influence among all the nine planets due to its slow movement in the birth-chart. It is given the place of chief justice or punishment officer. It is the karak planet of time and duration among all the planets. The results of Saturn gets delayed or the person gets its results in installments. Saturn is also known as the planet of obstacles. Therefore the results of the houses which are influenced by Saturn gets affected.

Saturn is the officer of service therefore its influence inspire the person to work hard and be determined. Saturn also makes the person dutiful. The person who is influenced by Saturn believe in performing his duties rather than asking for his rights.

Saturn inspires everyone to perform good deeds or karmas. The person who is blessed by Saturn is focused and determined towards his goals. He also work hard to achieve success at his work. The person who is influenced by Saturn believes in “simple living high thinking”.

Saturn is the karak planet of eighth house hence it has its relation with death or demise. The person who is influenced by Saturn likes to be busy at work. But he may get obstacles to achieve higher position at professional front. The person who is honest towards his work is influenced by Saturn. Besides these, the person is also devoted towards his work. Saturn has the capability to take tough decision.

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Qualities of Saturn according to the KP System of Astrology
Saturn makes the person devoted and dedicated towards work. He is also not fascinated towards material pleasures and comforts and likes to live a simple life. The person use his foresight not only at work but also while taking decisions. Sometimes the person also feel lazy. When Saturn is influenced by inauspicious effects the person becomes pessimistic and lacks hope.

Placement of Saturn in Kalpurush birthchart according to the KP System of Astrology
Saturn is placed in the tenth and eleventh house in the birth chart of Kal-purush. Hence knees and shank are influenced by Saturn. Saturn also rules joints and bones of human body.

Impact of Malefic Saturn on Health according to the KP System of Astrology
If Saturn is influenced by any inauspicious effects in the birth chart the person may suffer from joint pains or pain in shanks. Inauspicious effects on the conjunction between Moon and Saturn makes the person disappointed and sad in life. Saturn is karak planet of bones therefore it may cause problems related to teeth.

If the person is suffering from any kind of joint pains he may be under the influence of Saturn. As Saturn is the planet which transits in slow pace the person who is affected by the inauspicious influence of Saturn may suffer from long-term diseases. Lack of calcium in body may also be the cause of inauspicious Saturn.

Professions of Saturn according to the KP System of Astrology
The professions related to animal leather come under the influence of Saturn. The work related to museum, air-conditioner, traditional work, accounts, spying, astrology, supernatural powers and fields of engineering are all related to Saturn. The livelihood of the person is related to Saturn. Saturn is the lord of Justice therefore the profession of lawyer and court cases are influenced by Saturn.

Business fields of Saturn according to the KP System of Astrology
Those who manufacture leather bags, shoes, sweater, shawls, socks etc are influenced by Saturn. People who runs a business of things made up of ivory, ice-cream parlour or sale refrigerator are under the influence of Saturn.

Business related to iron or steel metals belongs to Saturn. Saturn rules small iron assets to huge ships. Labourers, servants and high class engineers are all influenced by Saturn.

Places of Saturn according to the KP System of Astrology
Saturn likes peace and loneliness. Therefore all the lonely places, forest, unpopulated areas belongs to Saturn. Dirty and dark places are also related to Saturn. Creamtorium stadiu, peaks and hill stations are ruled by Saturn.

Animals and Plants of Saturn according to the KP System of Astrology
Rats, lizard, fruits with thick skin but tasteless, mouth-freshener, bitter gourd are under the influence of Saturn. The old and ancient trees are also ruled by Saturn
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