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Saturn’s Gem Stone Blue sapphires (Neelam) – Gem Therapy

Gemstones attract everybody by their beauty, color and design. Since ancient times, they have been utilized by the people for various purposes. But, they have also been associated with rumors and myths. Vedic astrology has provided us with the remedies of wearing the gemstones to overcome the inauspicious influence of malefic yoga formed in the birth chart. The gemstone of Saturn is blue sapphire. In this article, we will explore some facts about blue sapphire.

Gem Therapy - Effects of Blue Sapphire - Neelam
Blue sapphire is worn to get auspicious results from Saturn. Blue Sapphire is the only stone which has the capability to give its results even if a person looks at it. Therefore, this gemstone should be worn carefully.

Gem Therapy - Precautions for Wearing Blue Sapphire - Neelam
The influence of blue sapphire starts as soon as a person wears it. Therefore, if the person is getting following results after wearing this gemstone then he should take it out:
It should be taken out if the person is having pain in his eyes or catch any skin infection. It should not be worn if the person is getting nightmares every night. It should also be taken out if the person meets an accident. Two

Types of Blue Sapphire - Neelam
Jalneel and Indraneel are the two varieties of blue sapphire. It is known by different names in different languages such as in Sanskrit, it is known as Neelmani or Indramani and Trishagrahi. In Farsi, it is called Nilambil, Yakult and Kabud. In Hindi, it is called Neelam.

Gem Therapy - Benefits of Blue Sapphire - Neelam
This gemstone increases the power of understanding. The person works sensibly and has a deep thinking. This gemstone gives ability to do justice and increases stamina of the person.

Yogas for Wearing Blue Sapphire - Neelam

If Saturn is the yogakarak planet in the birth chart.
If Mahadasha of Saturn is running in the person’s birth chart. If Saturn is the ascendant lord and auspicious for the person born in the Capricorn and Aquarius Ascendant. Substitutes of Blue Sapphire
There are two substitutes of blue sapphire: Liliya and Jamuniya.

Gem Therapy - Harmful Effects of Blue Sapphire - Neelam
If Sapphire or any other stone is not in a good condition, it may cause harm rather than benefits. Therefore, Sapphire should not be taken in following conditions:

If Sapphire is white in color, it may prove harmful for family and wealth. If Sapphire has white lines, it may affect the longevity of the person. If there is any cut on sapphire stone, the wealth of the person may get affected. If there is no shine in Sapphire stone, it may be harmful for relatives and friends. If there are gridlines on sapphire stone, it may increase health problems of the person.

Gem Therapy - Health Benefits of Blue Sapphire - Neelam
According to Ayurveda, blue sapphire helps cure the diseases of gall bladder, throat and intestine. It is also useful to cure heart problems, asthma and leprosy. Put blue sapphire and Kevara in water and use this water for washing your eyes. It will be beneficial to cure diseases such as blurred vision, cataract, weak eyesight and eyesore.
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Comment(s) on this article

  1. anitha said on Apr 12, 2011 06:47 PM
    In India it is believed that wearing a sapphire ring or a sapphire bracelet or any other sapphire have either of the two effects – either the wearer reaches great heights in all aspects of life or is completely destroyed. IS THIS TRUE?
  2. Poonam said on Apr 18, 2011 04:15 PM
    I agree to Anitha on this, even i have this question in my mind, is it true...?Saturn's Gemstone speed is quite slow and so it is being also known as'Shaneshchar' which means a slow mover. In Indian astrology, Saturn is considered to be a malefic but it offers great results latter. Pushing an individual into many problems and calamities, but ultimately saves them. Blue Sapphire is being considered as the strongest of all planets. Blue Sapphire rules the West direction.Blue sapphire belongs to Kurundan family. Great Share..!!
  3. ajit said on Feb 18, 2012 11:04 AM
    hello all today i am going to put neelam under my pellow. tomarrow i will share my experience
  4. ridhika jain said on Apr 15, 2012 01:33 PM
    hi, i wore a purple color neelam neithr did good to me nor effects at all...rather i am gettin darker day by day...dont kno whats happening.
  5. Arun Choudhari said on Apr 19, 2012 10:58 AM
    i wore khooni neelam on 26.11.2012 on the very first day i felt in felt while sleeping that somebody discussing about my brothers accident, and there was bull ran out of cart, next day i saw that i was having a lot of gold for me. but still no major effect happened to positive or negative.
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  7. Krishna said on Jan 03, 2013 03:15 AM
    Blue Sapphire only helps and doesn't cause any harm like diamond. Those are real myths. Planets and the almighty are there to help and not to hurt. The most important thing about Saturn is to live your life as per Dharma. Perform your duties. I personally benefited a lot by wearing one during my 7 1/2 years sani dasha and I still continue to wear.Have faith.
  8. SUBHENDU said on Jul 18, 2013 01:03 AM
    Actually sapphire is a very good stone for those who are honest. Blue Sapphire is a remedial measure for Saturn planet. It works very good, but must be tasted well before use. Khooni Neelam or Reddish-Blue Sapphire is a very strong stone & should be used only after a very good astrological judgment. Better if you are not in a mood to use that one.
  9. vijetha said on Jul 27, 2013 01:30 PM
    Greetings.Lovely article and great insights about blue sapphire gemstones..its truly very powerful.And understand that best results come from using natural jyotish blue sapphire gems.Have a nice weekend..also taking liberty to share a link about blue sapphires in gem therapy..
  10. Aryan Sharma said on Jul 29, 2013 03:32 PM
    Wonderful article and got some useful information regarding gem therapy. Sharing a website based on Gem therapy and Jyotish Gemstones
  11. jen said on Jul 30, 2013 02:34 AM
    Im planning to get a neelam preferably the ones mine from sri lanka as they attract me more. I have little few knowledge about astrological effects. May someone help as to give some advise about melefic or benefic and cleansing/recharging of stones? Thanks!
  12. Queenie said on Aug 02, 2013 10:09 AM
    can anyone tell me which day neelmani could be zero and on which hand and finger and at what time
  13. B said on Oct 09, 2013 02:27 PM
    Hi all. I have been testing the blue sapphire stone under my pillow for the past 3 days now...first night : peaceful dream , escaping from people with knives. 2nd night: troubled dream where I won lots of expensive cars and had a thick gold chain around my neck - but was quarralling with spouse in dream. 3rd night: peaceful dream, about my mum visiting me and talking good things. I feel weak though...its like alot of energy goes into those dreams, but nothing bad happens during the day and I have become more serious and head strong. if anyone knows if it seems to agree to me - please advise me. thank you greatly
  14. Momin Durrani said on Nov 22, 2013 08:40 PM
    I dont believe all this, ok do an experiment take a 5 rupee coin or any small object place it under your pillow and see it for ur self if u dream good than would u make a ring of that coin hahahahah, guys dont dream wake up if dreams were reality then dont wake up keep sleeping and ur dreams will come true..........
  15. alka said on Dec 24, 2013 05:26 PM
    shani grah ji nayay priy dev ji hai vo such ka sath daite hai momin durrani tum shani dev ji ka stone ka bare mai galat mut bolo plz
  16. amit kapoor said on Mar 09, 2014 08:57 AM
    can i wear somebodies used blue sapphire
  17. Lucy said on Mar 16, 2014 07:00 PM
    Hi there ! I am a crystal collector and I have yet to purchase blue sapphire !know why is really beautiful !I would love to wear it no matter how !
  18. Sonu said on Mar 26, 2014 01:43 AM
    Can i wear blue sapphire in my right hand and rube on my left?
  19. Vinod said on Apr 10, 2014 03:03 AM
    Hi , I have worn a blue sapphire and have experienced good things...i believe that if your horoscope allows you to wear then and only then you should wear please consult a reputed astrologer and PLEASE DONT EXPERIMENT....because(some bit of knowledge is more dangerous than not having knowledge} why take risk with life...please write in to me if you would want a reccomendation
  20. shahzadi nabila bhatti said on Apr 22, 2014 05:21 AM
    i have wear ring of ceylone sapphire of 5 carat and 30 cent 2 weeks back i wear it in how many days it will effect its good kindly tell me?
  21. BHARAT MAHESHWARI said on Sep 06, 2014 12:22 AM
    Hello every1, yesterday got my neelam stone as for trial i put it below my pillow and slept (please dont make a joke of it ) in the night i just felt like some extraordinary power is there with me not all the time but it was there i dont know what was it .... at point i was feeling i am the most powerful person in the world while sleeping some different flow was going in the whole body ... can any1 out here legitimately tell me what should i do ... should i wear the stone name : bharat maheshwari dob - 9th dec 1986 time - 03.30.00 AM (between night and morning) Place of birth - Vrindaban (Uttar Pradesh) India Sex - male
  22. zaib un nisa said on Dec 01, 2014 02:14 AM
    can anybody guide me is blue sfire is gud for me or not my date of birth is 14 jan 1980 .
  23. S AJAY KUMAR SINDHIA said on Dec 28, 2014 10:11 AM
    dear sir my DOB is 2of jan1971 at 10:48 am i have purchased a BANKOK blue sapphire about 3 months back as of today there has been no good nor any thing bad i am the same as before please advice what is gone wrong
  24. balbir singh said on Feb 20, 2015 06:42 AM
    I am planning to wear a neelam my date f birth is 13.12.1989 time10.50 pm please advise
  25. abhishek kumar said on Mar 30, 2015 02:32 PM
    Don't wear anybody khooni neelam it's very very harmful nd totaly lost of money...all time lost of anythings.....dangerous...plz don't wear this stone....
  26. preethi said on Apr 29, 2015 02:40 PM
    I bought a blue sapphire. As a trial we kept it for three days(for my husband). It was extraordinary. We felt the difference almost immediately. We got a payment that we were struggling to get for 2 years and also slept peacefully. But once we got it as a ring it was no so good. After reading alot about blue sapphire I understood we should have done some pooja. Can someone please suggest me what rituals should be followed. note: Initially we did not believe anything about the gemstone. I bought the stone because my forced me to. But after my experience I 100% believe the power of blue sapphire
  27. jitendra singh said on Apr 30, 2015 11:31 PM
    Hello sir Mere pas n to kundali hai dob sahi pata hai m neelam dharan krna chahta hu please help me
  28. Mithun Chowdhury said on May 14, 2015 08:13 AM
    @ Bahrat Maheshwari: You should wear a Bahirav Kavach, Mangal Kavach & also wear Panna & Blue Sapphire. Recite Surya Beej Mantra.
  29. Gayatri said on Jun 03, 2015 04:31 AM
    I was wearing blue sapphire pendent for my shani Dosha on my astrologer's advice. I benefitted. After the shani dosha got over I removed and kept. Now I want to know whether I can wear it again as a piece of jewellery or I should not wear at all
  30. seeba tapiloo said on Aug 02, 2015 04:55 AM
    My dob is 06-08-1993.,,,t.o.b 10:08pm.,,,kya pehnu
  31. aniruddh said on Aug 08, 2015 04:59 AM
    I put it under my mattress so that is the correct way to check the effect of it or we need to put it just below the pillow and above the mattress somebody please guide me in this matter. and during this three-four days i don't have any bad dreams or good dreams but i am feeling somewhat good. my better half told me that may be due to psychological effect. I don't understand what to do?
  32. Aniruddh said on Aug 08, 2015 05:01 AM
    My DOB is 15/01/1981 and birth time is 1.15 am and birth place is dhandhuka, Dist. Ahmedabad, Gujarat please suggest me neelam is suitable to me or not and what to do to become successful in professional life.
  33. Raj Goyal said on Jan 19, 2016 09:08 AM
    Sir my date of birth is 26/05/1988. Birth time is 6 a:m: Maine ek pandit se apni Kundli banayi aur usme unhone jeeta aur neelam pehenne k liye likha hai. Sir, meri rashi kanya hai aur uspe panna hota hai. Please suggest sir, mujhe konsa ratna dharan karna chahiye?
  34. sam said on Apr 21, 2016 01:09 PM
    Born on 24-5-1972 at 1.20am(24th morning) at bangalore..please suggest a gem stone

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