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Moon and other Planets in the Seventh House

The seventh house is the house of marriage. The position, conjunction or aspect relationship of planets in this house influences the personality, behavior and nature of the native’s life partner. In this article, we will discuss the placement and influence of planets on the personality of the person’s life-partner and his married life.

Conjunction of Moon and Mars in Seventh House
If Moon and Mars form a conjunction in the seventh house, the life-partner of the person may be a little rude in nature. His life-partner should follow the truth and try to bring softness in his behavior.

Conjunction of Moon and Mercury in Seventh House
When Moon and Mars form a conjunction in the seventh house, his life-partner will be famous, talented and may have links in politics. The yoga of this person may help him earn wealth and fame with the support of his life-partner. The auspiciousness of this yoga increases the respect and prestige of the person.

Conjunction of Moon and Jupiter in Seventh House
When Moon and Jupiter form a conjunction in the seventh house, the native’s life-partner is efficient in creative things. He will be talented and wealthy. The person of this yoga may get privileges and profits from the public sector. This yoga also brings happiness and sweetness in his married life. However if Moon is afflicted by any malefic planet, the person may get opposite results of this yoga.

Conjunction of Moon and Venus in Seventh House
If Moon and Venus are in conjunction in the seventh house, the native’s life-partner will be intellectual. His life partner will be rich and wealthy. He may also have all the comforts and conveniences. This yoga blesses the person with happy married life. He may also have the knowledge of art and craft. This person will be have a sweet and nice life-partner.

Conjunction of Moon and Saturn in Seventh House
In this house, Moon and Saturn form a conjunction which means that the life-partner of the person may belong to a respected and prestigious family.

Conjunction of Moon with Other Planets in Seventh House
When Moon is in conjunction with Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in the seventh house, it brings auspiciousness in the native’s married life. But if Moon is in conjunction with Saturn and Mars in this house of marriage, it may cause problems in his married life.

If some other planets have their influence on these yogas created with the conjunction of Moon the results of these yogas may get changed. If the position of Moon itself is weak or Moon is of Krishna Paksha in the birth chart, the person may get different results.
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Comment(s) on this article

  1. Atul said on Apr 18, 2011 04:34 PM
    Thanks for such an useful information about Moon and other Planets in the Seventh House.This is another aspect which married couples should take care off, usually spouses tend to adjust with the situation or get separated. Your article have definitely helped us in letting us know about some very important aspects of Moon and other Planets in the Seventh House.
  2. Amit said on Nov 26, 2012 01:47 PM
    My venus alone sitting in 7th house in leo(NOT COMBUST). Sun and mer in Cancer,mars in gemini(Combust),jupiter(Retro) in 10th with moon and ketu,saturn in libra.How would be my marital life and professional life and financial situation.Anuradha star.Sat-18y 3 mnth 22 days Pls reply.DOB-19.07.83-Time-10:02 pm.Kollam dist-Kerala
  3. Pradeep G said on Jun 24, 2013 10:20 AM
    Hi, Moon, Saturn and Mars in 7th House. sun in 2nd. Mercury in 3rd, Rahu in 4th, Kethu in 10th and Jupiter in 8th When would i get married and how would be professional and married life. DOB: 5th May 1982. Kanya rasi and Hastha Rasi. Pls reply
  4. prashiddha Dhakal said on Jan 03, 2014 03:43 PM
    Guru ji darshan, there is a combination of saturn+ moon in 7 house according to lal kitab its very dangerous what might be the remedies? guru+sukra+ketu in 2nd house and surya+budha in 3 rd house. I am of mithun lagna with muul nakshatra 4 grade. I am nepali boy with indian origin staying in kathmandu thats why i have problem in birth chart becoz i was born in India in Delhi saftarjung hospital @2:05 am in august 31 1990. I hope you will understand me and my probm. Please corresspond.
  5. himanshu dubey said on Jul 25, 2014 03:49 AM
    moon,sun,shukra and buddh in my 7th house..pls sir tell me about this yog...
  6. priiyaaw said on Nov 02, 2014 12:48 PM
    My dob is 22-4-1991 time 12.05 pm.guruji i want to known about my married life.I have born in gajakesari yoga in 1 st house but 7 th house is saturn

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