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What is Parivartana Yoga?

Presence of auspicious yogas in the birth chart makes it powerful. Besides Raj Yoga and Dhan Yoga, there are other auspicious yogas that help make the birth chart strong. When auspicious houses form a relationship with the other auspicious houses through auspicious yogas, it gives auspicious and favorable results. Apart from Trine and Kendra, there are Trik and Upchay houses in which Parivartana Yoga is formed.

The auspicious yoga which is created in the birth chart due to change in position or sign is Mahabhagya Yoga. These yogas are created due to the change of position of the lords of Kendra and Trine house. Due to the relationship of Kendra and Trine in this yoga, the person gets auspicious results during the Mahadasha-Antardasha of the lord of these houses.

We can clearly understand it through an example: If Sun is in the sign in Ascendant house of the Cancer Ascendant and Moon in Leo then Parivartana Yoga is created in the birth chart.

Following are the yogas created with change in position of lords (Sthan Parivartan):

  • 1. Analysing the Parivartan yoga through the transit of planets.

  • 2. Rashi Parivartan Yoga in auspicious or inauspicious planets.

  • 3. Rashi Parivartan Yoga in both the auspicious yogas.

  • 4. Parivartan Yoga in exalted or debilitated planets.

  • 5. Parivartan Yoga in friendly or enemy sign.

  • 6. Parivartan Yoga in the karak planets of RajYoga.

  • 7. Parivartan yoga in debilitated and retrograde planets.

There are three kinds of parivartana yogas

  • Mabhagya Yoga or Maha Yoga

  • Dainya Yoga

  • Kahala Yoga

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Comment(s) on this article

  1. ss said on Sep 28, 2010 11:02 PM
    i think there is not even a parivartan which could be malefic. say, lord of first in 12 and lord of 12 in 1 ,it could mean connection with foreign or dealing foreign affairs. so exchange is always better may be on priority but always.
  2. temmy said on Apr 14, 2011 11:21 PM
    could one get rajyog after this mutual exchange?
  3. Harshal said on Apr 21, 2011 05:47 PM
    OMG!! This is an brilliant article on Parivartana Yoga. Can you please elaborate the three kinds of parivartana yogas such as Mabhagya Yoga or Maha Yoga, Dainya Yoga & Kahala Yoga in detail....?
  4. Sudhakar said on Oct 15, 2011 10:07 PM
    Sir in my chart meena lagna guru in 3rd house and shukra in lagna combust with it parivartana yoga ? Is it good for me on dasha period? Which work or own busines can i do pls ans me sir
  5. ketan said on Dec 02, 2012 11:40 PM
    i have having tula parivartan yoga of 1 and 3 house i am having surya bhud and guru in rashi (lagna).and sukra in dhan rashi 3rd house wat can we predict bcoz i have heard that exhange of 1 and 3 house can help to make ur intution power strong and wat else u can predict.
  6. nimma said on Jul 19, 2013 07:35 PM
    i hav neech mars in ascendent and neech moon in 5th house. How this parivartan of neech grah effects my life
  7. Banshi said on Nov 09, 2013 09:57 PM
    I am passing through Sun Mahadasha and antardasha is shani. My birth is in cancer rashi occupied by Chandra (lagn) In second house there is shani. Sun is in 7th house with venus,mercury and sun. Thus there is parivartan yoga between sun and Saturn . What would be overall impact please.
  8. girish solanki said on May 05, 2014 11:25 PM
    dob:10.12.1975 time:5.15am place:bhuj-kutch.gujarat meri tula lagn ki kundli hai jisme 2nd budh aur 9th mangal parivartan,5th chandra 10th shani parivartan.1st sukra swagruhi aur 6th guru swagruhi hai to krupya muje bataye 2 yog parivartan aur 2 yog swagruhi kaisa result de payege
  9. Ajai said on Jan 21, 2016 04:29 AM
    Sir my dob is 07101979 night2.10 badrinarh uttrakhand There is rashi parvaryan in Marc and moon kindly tell me effect

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