Universal Tables of Houses

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By: A R Raichur


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vedic astrology , Zodiac System

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Vedic Astrology

Based on Sayana or Tropical Zodiac System Computed trigonometrically for each clear degree of Latitude (and minute parts of degree in higher latitudes) From Equator to 66°30' North and for a uniform interval of 1° of RAMC (or 4 minutes of time) (for latitudes beyond 50° for parts of the degree) Equally serviceable for all corresponding South Latitudes when used in the manner explained at the end containing also an exhaustive table showing proportionate variation of cuspal longitudes for ay intermediate Latitude and/or interval of time, tables of Polar Elevation of various houses (bhavas) from the Equator (0°) to 75° North according to the Campanus, Regiomontanus, Horizontal, Topocentric and may other Systems of house division as explained and many other useful tables and illustrating the method of applying these tables to compute all the 12 houses according to each of the 15 systems of house division explained in this work in great detail.

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Universal Tables of Houses

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