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Effect of Saturn’s transit on Sagittarius 2017

Saturn will enter Sagittarius on 26 January 2017. During this time Sadhesati will start for natives of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn and Dhaiyya will start for the natives of Taurus and Virgo.

Transit of Jupiter in Leo Sign 2015 | Effects of Leo Sign Jupiter on Different Signs in 2015

On 14th March 2015, Tuesday at 6:26, Jupiter will enter in Leo sign and will remain in Leo sign till end of epoch 7 April 2016. Entry if Jupiter in Leo sign can be favorable from religious point of

Effect of Saturn’s transit into Scorpio

On 2nd November 2014, Saturn will enter in Scorpio sign and will retrograde for another 2.5 years. During this time Shani sadeh sati will initiate and affect Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius signs,

The effect of Jupiter directing in Gemini Sign

On 6th March 2014, Jupiter will direct and remain in Gemini sign. The situation will be favourable if Jupiter will direct in Gemini instead of retrograding. The retrogation of Jupiter will cause some

Mutual Relation Between Saturn and Mars During Transit 2013

Saturn and Mars create 4/10 axis relation during the transits after every 18 months. In the year 2013, the transit relation between Saturn and Mars will be different from its regular cycle. This is

Effects of Sun Transit on Natives

It is imperative to understand the fact that Sun transit have different impact on each sign of a horoscope. The house in the which Moon is placed is considered to be the ascendant of the kundali

Jupiter Changing Signs 2013 - Jupiter Transit 2013 - Effect of Jupiter Transit in Gemini in 2013

Jupiter stays in one sign for 12 months and a few days. It can be said that Jupiter remains in one sign for a period of 13 months approximately. In 2013, Jupiter will enter the Gemini sign on 31st

Samsaptak Yoga of Saturn and Sun 2013 - Samsaptak Yoga 2013

Although, Saturn and Sun form Samsaptak yoga every year, but this year after 30 long years both the planets will be forming Samsaptak yoga in their exalted signs. Saturn is currently retrograde in

Eclipses in 2013 - How Many Eclipses in 2013 - Details of The Eclipses in 2013

1. Khandgras Lunar Eclipse Khandgras Lunar eclipse will occur on 25/26 April on Chaitra Purnima during midnight. This eclipse will be available in all parts of India. Before the beginning of this

Khandgras Lunar Eclipse 2013 - Khandgras Lunar Eclipse - Khagras Chandra Grahan - Lunar Eclipse 2013

In the year 2013, Khandgras Lunar Eclipse will appear on 25th or 26th April, on full moon day of Chaitra month . It will be seen all around India during midnight. The following information defines

Effects of Rahu entry into Libra sign on other signs

Rahu entered Libra sign on 14th January, 2013. Prior to this, Rahu was in Scorpio sign . Rahu and Ketu are known as shadow planets. Rahu is always in retrograde state. Therefore, Rahu will enter

Effects of Transiting Jupiter in 2013 - Effects of Jupiter Transit in 2013

Jupiter transited into Taurus sign on 17th May, 2012 at 09:34. It will stay in the same sign till 4th June, 2013. Jupiter was retrograde from 5th October, 2012 to 30th January, 2013. This way,

2013 Saturn Transiting Into Libra - Saturn Transit in Libra 2013

In the previous year 2012, Saturn entered into Libra sign on 4th August and continue to retrograde in the same sign in 2013 and 2014. Saturn is exalted when placed in Libra sign and this situation is

Dates of Mars Transiting into Nakshatras 2013 (Indian Standard Time)

The dates for Mars transiting into Nakshatras in the year 2013 are the following : Mars will transit into the second stage of Shravana nakshatra on 4th January at 18:01 hrs.   Mars will transit

Dates for transit of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu into Nakshatra 2013

Every Nakshatra has four stages. Every sign has nine different stages of Nakshatras. Planets enter signs as well as Nakshatras. In this article, we will tell you about the dates when Jupiter, Saturn,

Effect of Solar Eclipse - Effect of Solar Eclipse on Zodiac Signs - Solar Eclipse 2012

We know that when Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, Solar eclipse occurs. This year partial eclipse will take place in northeastern parts of India during early morning between 4:36 AM on May

Kankan Solar Eclipse 2012 - Solar Eclipse 2012 in India - Surya Grahan May 20–21, 2012 - Solar Eclipse 2012

In 2012, Kankan solar eclipse will appear on 20/21 May, Tuesday on Amavasya of Jyeshtha month. Shani Jayanti will also be celebrated on this day. Moon will transit in Taurus sign in Kritika Nakshatra

Results of Transit of Venus in Taurus sign - Venus Transit 2012 - Venus Transit in Taurus Sign

In Vedic Astrology every single movement of planet has its own special significance. No horoscope is studied without studying the effect of transit of planets as planets in transit indicate the time

Result of Jupiter’s Transit in Taurus Sign - Jupiter Transit 2012 - Transit of Jupiter in May 2012

On the 17 of May, 2012 at 9.34 a.m, Jupiter in transit will enter the Taurus sign and will remain in this sign till the 4th of June, 2013. In this period its movement will be retrograde between 5th

Details of The Eclipses in 2012 - How Many Eclipses in 2012 - Eclipses in 2012 - Surya Grahan 2012 - Surya Grahan 2012 Dates

Every year at least one solar and lunar eclipse appears. These eclipse are classified into four categories. They are : full eclipse, khagras eclipse, khandgras eclipse and kankan eclipse. The eclipse