Carnelian | Substitute of Red Coral (Carnelain Upratna)

March 11, 2011 00:46  cyrilgupta

CarnelianCarnelian is called Raat Ratuva in Hindi. It is also called as Rhodonite. It is worn as the substitute of Red Coral. It is very popular because of its red color. In ancient days it was used for polishing marble. 

People with high temper should wear this sub-stone to control their temper. It found in milky white and light yellow color. Milky white color of this substitute is only found in India. Apart from this, Carnelian is found in different colors from red to orange. 

Red color Carnelian contains light streaks which are visible in light. This sub-stone contains different kinds of spots. By wearing this gem, a person gets powers and energy. It is used as the method of healing. This stone is known as the gem of trust and mission. The root element of this sub-stone is fire. Carnelian influences sacral and makes it strong. 

Carnelian Properties

This substitute is famous for its numerous properties. By wearing this sub-stone a person gets a nice voice. Hence, it is beneficial for people involved with the field of singing. People not in this area should also wear this stone for having sweetness and softness in voice. Carnelian is favorable for people who have faced cheating in love or who wish to have the one they love. 

All kinds of worries are removed by wearing this sub-stone. It helps in the internal development and increases the self confidence of an individual. It grows the determination of a person and saves him from excess of anger. It helps in the emotional development of a person and teach him to patience. Carnelian protects from evil eye and negative thoughts. Makes a person aware about his duties and responsibilities.

It improves decision making and helps in the area of work. People related with art should wear this gem. Carnelian removes all sorts of sadness and suffering of a individual. It increases the stamina of a person. It saves a person from people who have power of reading mind. 

Medicinal Properties of Carnelian

It has a huge medicinal value. A person always suffering from fever should wear this gem. This sub-stone helps in filling of physical wounds and reduces the amount of blood flowing out of body during hurt. Other disorders of blood are also cured. 

It develops the physical powers of an individual. People having lack of reproduction ability should wear this sub-stone. It reduces the impotence and helps in smooth physical relationship. It increase the sexual power of a person. Carnelian reduces the problem related to appetite. It saves from different kinds of allergy.  It motivates a person in taking or giving important decisions. 

Who should wear Carnelian

A person should wear Carnelian if Mars in the lord of auspicious house but is in relation with inauspicious house in the Kundali.

Who should not wear Carnelian

A person should not wear Carnelian with Blue sapphire, Emerald, Diamond and their sub-stone. 

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Viparita Raja Yoga | When Vipreet Raj Yoga is formed | What is Vipreeta Raja Yoga | Harsh Vipreet Raj Yoga

Viparita Raja Yoga | When Vipreet Raj Yoga is formed | What is Vipreeta Raja Yoga | Harsh Vipreet Raj Yoga

May 13, 2011 02:16  cyrilgupta

Viparita Raja YogaAccording to the astrology scriptures , 6th , 8th and 12th house has always been criticized. It is even said , that if one of this house gets into the other house , then it can be inauspicious for the person.And the lord of the house , which makes relations with these houses is also affected with its effects.

When Vipreet Raj Yoga is formed 

When the lord of 6th , 8th and 12th sign interchange positions, i.e. the lord of 6th house is placed in 8th  or 12th, or the lord of the 12th house is in 6th or 8th, then the Vipreet Raj Yoga is formed. 

This yoga is formed due to the interchange of the lords of the Trikha houses, and is considered very auspicious. There are three kinds of Vipreet Raja Yogas.

Harsh Vipreet Raj Yoga 

Harsh Vipreet Raja Yoga is one of the three kinds of Vipreet Raja Yogas formed when the lords of the Trikha houses are placed in each other’s houses.

How Harsh Vipareeta Raja Yoga is Formed

In the kundali when there is a malefic planet placed in the 6th house or if the 6th house is aspected by a malefic planet, or if the lord of the 6th house is in the 6th, 8th or the 12th house, the Harsh Vipreeta Raj Yoga is formed.

Harsh Yoga Result 

In this yoga , the 6th house forms a relationship with the 8th or the 12th house. So this yoga lets the person achieve victory on his or her enemies.The person with this yoga has a strong body , and is also wealthy. He becomes one of the influential personality in the society , and is blessed with good friends , family, life partner and children. 

Vipreet Saral Raj Yoga

Saral Yoga is one of the Vipreet Raja Yogas. It gives the person the ability to fight adversity with great strength and he is not afraid of conflicts.

How is formed Sarala Yoga

If in the kundali the lord of the 6th or the 12th house is in the 8th house, or if the lord of the 8th house is in the 6th or the 12th house then the Saral Vipreet Raja Yoga is formed.

Sarala Yoga Result 

The person with this yoga , is a scholar , and gets wealthy with his own efforts. At the same time the person becomes the owner of property. The person is well known in the society. He is firm on his principles, and is efficient in making decisions. The people with this yoga are idealistic and gets victory over their enemies.

Vipreet Vimal Raj Yoga

It is said that when one of the sixth, eighth or twelfth sign comes into the place of one of the other signs then the opposite of richness i.e. poverty comes into life which is of 3 types. The devotion called Vimala is a part of this stage of opposition of richness and power.

How is Formed Vimala Yoga

When in the kundali the lords of the 6th, 8th or the 12th house are in the 12th house, or if the lord of the 12th house is in the 6th or the 8th house then the Vimal Vipreet Raja Yoga is formed. The person whose kundali has this yoga is of independent spirit. He tries to always be happy and is good at accumulating money. He lives a just and pious life and makes an appreciable contribution towards the society.

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