Azurite Gemstone | Stone of Saturn (Mercury Sub-stone) | Azurite

April 6, 2011 02:25  cyrilgupta
It is formed by the oxidation of copper ore. Over the time, this sub-stone absorbs water and turns to mineral malachite. [More]

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Andalusite Gemstone | Andalusite - Metaphysical Properties

Andalusite Gemstone | Andalusite - Metaphysical Properties

May 11, 2011 20:02  cyrilgupta

AndalusiteA number of different colours can be seen in this Uparatna (Gemstone). It is a translucent stone and its shape depends on the way it is cut. Due to the cutting, it is seen green from some angles and red from others. In the same way, other colours can be seen in this Uparatna. It is not seen in one colour from all sides. Glimpses of Yellow, Green, Red and Brown can be seen in this stone which is familiar with Alexandrite Uparatna. 

Many people have this misconception that this stone changes its colours. But instead, this stone can be seen in different colours at a single point of time from different angles. This stone is found in two colours even when found naturally and the colours are not common. This Uparatna is cheap and is found in the mines of Brazil and Sri Lanka. 

Metaphysical Properties Of Andalusite

This Uparatna is related to a person’s insights and keeps him away from any sort of discriminatory feelings. Wearing this Uparatna helps in attaining peace. It also helps a person to take important decisions without any hassles and arguments. It makes a person neutral and makes him work on different situations accordingly. The person wearing this stone has a belief in self-sacrifice and is not self-centered. It also sharpens memory and makes a person patient and believe in himself.

Wearing this Uparatna also helps a person to concentrate in a better way. It keeps the person down to earth and refrains him from taking unwanted decisions. This Uparatna is best for people who are introvert and reserved. This Uparatna removes negativity from thoughts and gives rise to positive feelings. It also helps in keeping the mind calm. This Uparatna makes a person spiritual and helps him in understanding the concepts of after-life and death. It acts as a bridge to success. 

This Uparatna is an element of earth. It keeps the human body to work normally according to principles.

Healing Ability Of Andalusite Gemstone

This Uparatna helps in curing any sort of eye problems. People having eye problems usually get a postive result after wearing this stone. It also deals with deficiency of Calcium. It doesnt allow deficincies of Oxygen, Iodine and Water in the body. It enhances a body’s self-defense during any alments. It also keeps the blood circulation normal and is good for people who get down with fever easily. Feeding mothers are also benefitted.

Who Should Wear Andalusite

This Uparatna can be worn by anyone. 

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Saturday Fast | Shanivar Vrat (Method of Saturday Fast) - Aarti of Shani Dev | Shani Mantras - Shani Stotra

Saturday Fast | Shanivar Vrat (Method of Saturday Fast) - Aarti of Shani Dev | Shani Mantras - Shani Stotra

January 13, 2011 01:24  cyrilgupta

Fast of Saturday is of the most significance weekday fast. According to the scriptures, people in whose Kundali Saturn (Shani) is in weak position or it is not able to give its favorable results, must observe this fast. This fast is performed to get the best result of Saturn. Saturday fast is observed to please Lord Saturn.

This Vrat is also favorable for people who have Sadesati, Dahiya, Mahadasha or Antardasha of Shani. Observing the fast of Saturday gives relief from joint pains, back pain, muscle disorders. It also reduces mental tensions and make a person optimistic.

When to Start Saturday Fast

A person can start this fast on first Saturday of Shukla Paksha of any month. Ones the fast is started, it is observed regularly for 11 or 51 times.  Then, Udyapan of this fast is done, and it is started once again.

Saturday Fasting Method

Person observing the fast of Saturday should should wake up before sunrise in the morning, on the day of fast. In the early morning, he should complete his routine work and sprinkle Ganga Jal or any other holy water in the house and purify the house.

After bathing, wear blue or black clothes and worship Lord Saturn (Shani). It is auspicious to worship an idol of Shani Dev made of iron, kept in a iron utensil containing oil of Til. With the materials of Puja, espically the black flowers of Kagmachi or Kalgrah, two black clothes, black Til, Bhaat (boiled rice) should be gifted to Shani Dev. Lord should be worshiped by the Shani Chalisa, Stotra, mantra and Aarti. Shani Vrat Katha (fast story) should be read. 

Also, person should visit the Shani temple in the morning and evening. And, vision of Lord Hanuman and Bhairav is very favorable. In the temple of Shani Dev, offering is made from,oil of Til, black Urad Dal, black items, black Til and food made of oil.

While doing Puja, Katha should be heard. Meal should be taken 2 hours after sunset. Food item made of Urad dal, in the meal, should be first given to a beggar and then eaten. Poor people should be given donation as per an individuals capacity. Donations may include black blanket, umbrella, Til, shoes etc. If possible mantra of Saturn planet should be chanted, as many times as possible.

Aarti of Shani Dev

Jai Jai Shri Shani Dev Bhaktan Hitkari | Suraj Ke Putr Prabhu Chaya Mahtari || Jai ||

Shyaam Ank Vakra Drasht Chaturbhuja Dhaari| Nilaambar Dhaar Naath Gaj Ki Asavaari || Jai||

Kirit Mukut Shish Rajit Dipat Hai Lilaari | Muktan Ki Maal Gale Shobhit Balihaari || Jai||

Modak Mishtaan Paan Chadhat Hai Supaari | Lohaa Til Tel Udad Mahishi Ati Pyaari ||

Dev Danuj Rishi Muni Surat Nar Naari | Vishvanaath Dharat Dhyaan Sharan Hai Tumhaari || Jai||

Aarti of Shani Dev in Hindi

जय जय श्री शनिदेव भक्तन हितकारी। सूरज के पुत्र प्रभु छाया महतारी॥ जय.॥

श्याम अंक वक्र दृष्ट चतुर्भुजा धारी। नीलाम्बर धार नाथ गज की असवारी॥ जय.॥

क्रीट मुकुट शीश रजित दिपत है लिलारी। मुक्तन की माला गले शोभित बलिहारी॥ जय.॥

मोदक मिष्ठान पान चढ़त हैं सुपारी। लोहा तिल तेल उड़द महिषी अति प्यारी॥ जय.॥

देव दनुज ऋषि मुनि सुमरिन नर नारी। विश्वनाथ धरत ध्यान शरण हैं तुम्हारी ॥जय.

Shani Mantra 

(i) Chanting of Mahamritunjay mantra for quarter lakh times (daily 10 rosary. 125 days)

ऊँ त्रयम्बकम्‌ यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्द्धनं

उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्मृत्योमुर्क्षिय मामृतात्‌।

In english:-

Om Trayambkam Yajahmahe Sugandim Pushtivrdanam

Urvarukmiv Bandhanan Mrityormuksheya Mamritat |

(ii) Chant the Shani mantra 23 thousand times in 21 days

ऊँ शत्रोदेवीरभिष्टय आपो भवन्तु पीतये।

शंयोभिरत्रवन्तु नः। ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः।

In english:-

Om Shannodevirbheshatya Aapo Bhavantu Pitaye |

Shanyobhiraktrvantu Nah | Om Sha Shanascharaya Namah ||

(iii) Mythological Shani Mantra

ऊँ नीलांजनसमाभासं रविपुत्रं यमाग्रजम्‌।

छायामार्तण्डसम्भूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम्‌।

In english:-

Om Nilamjansamabhasam Raviputram Yamaagrajam |

Chayamartundsambhutam Tam Namami Shanascharam ||

Shani Stotra

Read the following Stotra of Shani 11 times or read the Dashrath Krit Shani Stotra

Koonratha Pinglo Burbhuh Krishano Roordronthko Yamh

Soorih Shanischarayo Mandh Pippaladen Sanstuth ||

Tani Shani-Namani Japedsawatthstriyo |

Shanescharkrta Pida Na Kdachid Bhavishyati ||

Sadhesati Pidanashak Stotra - Pippalad Uvach-

Namaste Koonsansathay Pind Galay Namosatute |

Namaste Bubhupaye Krishanay va Namostu te ||

Namaste Rorddehay Namaste Chankaye Cha |

Namaste Yamsanjaay Namaste Sooraye Vibho ||

Namaste Yamdasamjaay Shaneschar Namostute |

Prsadam Kuru Devesh Danisay Prantsay Cha ||

Shani Stotra in Hindi

कोणरथः पिंगलो बभ्रुः कृष्णो रौद्रोन्तको यमः

सौरिः शनिश्चरो मन्दः पिप्पलादेन संस्तुतः॥

तानि शनि-नमानि जपेदश्वत्थसत्रियौ।

शनैश्चरकृता पीडा न कदाचिद् भविष्यति॥

साढ़साती पीड़ानाशक स्तोत्र - पिप्पलाद उवाच -

नमस्ते कोणसंस्थय पिड्.गलाय नमोस्तुते।

नमस्ते बभ्रुरूपाय कृष्णाय च नमोस्तु ते॥

नमस्ते रौद्रदेहाय नमस्ते चान्तकाय च।

नमस्ते यमसंज्ञाय नमस्ते सौरये विभो॥

नमस्ते यंमदसंज्ञाय शनैश्वर नमोस्तुते॥

प्रसादं कुरु देवेश दीनस्य प्रणतस्य च॥

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