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How to Observe Fast? | What is Vrat? | Vrat-Resolution

How to Observe Fast? | What is Vrat? | Vrat-Resolution

December 31, 2010 12:01  cyrilgupta

how to observe fast

In the Indian Hindu scriptures, fast are considered as a might act. Scriptures state a belief that observing fast helps in the attainment of mental peace and happiness and fulfil an individual’s wishes. In the medical field also it is described that keeping Vrat is good for health and helps a person to stay fit. Keeping fast also relaxes the digestive system of our stomach. After concluding the fast, lots of food should not me eaten immediately. Before understanding the rules of fast, we should know about it first.

What is Vrat-fasting?

Basically, people consider Vrat and Upvas as the same thing. You may have food while fasting. But, in Upvas no food is taken. The meaning of both should be understood clearly. After this only, one should decide whether to keep Vrat or Upvas.

Staying without having food for the whole day is called Upvas. Soul of a human purifies on observing Vrat. Person's resolution power increases. Intelligence, thoughts, cleverness and knowledge is improved. Vrat reduces the count of sins and diseases. As it is well known, that sin is somatic, vocal, mental and contact generation.

Upvas gives liberation from sin, and enormity or evil acts. In Hindus fast is given lots of importance. Fast is the reflection of devotion, faith and confidence in God. Vrat is observed for the fulfilment of wishes like good business, art, skills and for other desires of life.

Upvas gives a mental, physical and spiritual peace. Hence, it is successful in keeping us away from disease and stay fit. As per our work, all of us must observe Upvas once in a week. The week day fasting are very profitable.

Importance of Vrat

Vrat has a lot of significance in making human life successful. By following the rules of Upvas, and ensuring according to it is a kind of meditation.

Basically, the moral of Upvas is to relax the digestive system of stomach. Digestive system of a human being is continuously working and to give it a rest, Upavas is observed.

The motive of Upvas is not to kill ourselves out of hunger, nor eating something fried for the whole day. While keeping Upvas, the rules should be followed strictly.

Upvas for a long time should be obseved only after consulting the doctor. In case of observing Upvas from the purpose of loosing weight, an eligible physician's advice should be taken.

Upvas gives mental and spiritual peace.

What is Resolution?

Resolution is the motif of fast, but it is useful only if the work is done with firm determination. From the view point of religious beliefs, rituals of observing fast needs to be done systematically. Henceforth, before starting a virtuous work, a resolution is taken. So, whether a resolution is linked with religious or social life, used tried to get completed with full determination.

Before Observing a fast, it is compulsory to take a resolution.

Things to remember while keeping Upvas :

Wake up early in the morning, on the day of fast

Before doing the morning Puja, daily work should be completed.

This day, like other days, family God should be worshiped. After this only, the Gods of that particular Upvas should be worshiped.

Pranayam should be done between morning to evening, on the day of Upvas.

In the Upvas period, physical and mental rest should also be given full importance.

On this day, nothing should be said which may hurt anyone or his sentiments. Hence, keeping silence fast is favourable on the day of Upvas. By this, one can be away from mental sins.

In regards of Upvas, it is said that sleeping on this day is considered as inauspicious. Doing Asan and walking is advisable on this day.

Drinking no water and observing fast for a long time should never be done. In this case, the body may have lack of water.

Before observing Upvas, prepare your self completely for this work. If the Upvas is kept only for a day then no special preparations are required. Only, two or three days before Upvas, more of fruits and vegetables should be taken in the meal. If the time period of Upvas is quite long then, special preparations should be done for it.In such a situation, from few days before, more food should be eaten. And, with food, more number of fruits and vegetables are to be included in the diet. From a day or two before the Upvas, person should try to have a balanced diet.

Person observing fast, should wear clothes, Puja and incense stick as per the Upvas. While worshiping or doing Hawan, by wearing one single cloth or too many clothes, is not advisable.

Men and women observing fast should may pay special attention on the color of clothes and flowers of that particular Upvas. Like, if Upvas is kept to please Lord Hanuman, then red colored clothes and red flowers used be used in Puja.

For a person observing fast, doing any activity without doing rinse(aachman) is meaningless. It is necessary to have a rinse after bathing, eating, sleeping, coming back from walking in the streets. If no water is available then touch of south’s corner can also be done.

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