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September 26, 2011 14:55  astrowriter3

The Five principles theory also refered as ‘Panchabhautic Sidhanta’  the base of each and every particle on this earth. They are termed as

Pruthvi principle i.e. Earth

Jala principle i.e. Water

Tej principle i.e Fire

Vayu principle i.e. Air

Akasha principle i.e. Vacuum.

The Vedic Astrology accepted the Five principle theory and described characteristics of Signs as Watery, Fiery etc. Also, the Tridosha Sidhanta applicable in Medical Astrology is the basis of every disease. They are Vata (windy) dosha, Pitta (bile) dosha and kafa ( Phelgm) dosha.

Over a period of time, correlations between the nature of the elements and their effects were observed. These were compiled and categorized into three fundamental human constitutions, or doshas: kapha, pitta, and vata. The elements of earth and water are associated with kapha, fire is represented by pitta, and air and ether are expressed through vata. In time, this study evolved into the healing science of Ayurveda.

In Ayurvedic, every disease has been explained on the basis of Tridosha principle. hence utmost importance has been given to Tridosha. Ayurveda describes the body as being composed of three functional entities, called doshas, 7 tissues, and 3 waste products. The doshas are vata, pitta, kapha, and may be described as metabolic principles.

As per Vedic Astrology it has been said that the Saturn is a signifactor of Vata dosha , the Mars is the signifactor of Pitta dosha and the Jupiter is the signifactor of kapha dosha. Hence, since ancient period Vedic Astrology has been used as a tool for diagnosis by the Ayurvedic practitioners for the benefit of patients.  

The Tridoshas have specific characteristic and govern specific functions. 

Vata (Wind)  deals with the energy of the universe expressed as motion. Vata makes effect on the body in functions of circulation, respiration, movement, locomotion, elimination, nervous system functioning, speech, enthusiasm, and creativity. Its qualities include mobile, cold, light, dry, rough, clear, and subtle. 

Pitta (Bile) deals with energy of the universe expressed as heat and light. Pitta makes effect on   in the functions of digestion, metabolism, intellect, vision, body temperature, complexion, courage, and cheerfulness. It includes all transformations or changes of energy; e.g. material food into non-material heat, movement, thought and vice versa. Its qualities include hot, sharp, light, oily, liquid, and spreading. 

Kapha (Phelgm) deals with the energy of the universe expressed as physical structure and deals with fluid balance, secretions, binding, growth, potency, patience, heaviness, compassion, and understanding. Its qualities include cold, oily, smooth, heavy, static, hard, liquid, dense, dull, cloudy, and gross. The physical body is actually made up of 7 tissues: plasma/lymph, red blood cells, muscle, fat, bone, nerve tissue/bone marrow, and sperm/ovum. 

Hence, through emotions, behavior, physical traits, and functioning we can describe a person as a vata type or pitta type etc. This concept of body type is called prakriti in Sanskrit. 

Tridoshas serves as a permanent balance  for an individuals life It also suggests themes which, by their liveliness tend to be balanced throughout life. 

Tridosha and Gemology

As per Gemology, gems and stones affinitive to the 3 element classification i.e. Vatta, Pitta and Kaph can be suggested to overcome the ill effects of the tridoshas as per the individual. 

VATTA related ill effects can be overcome by the gems or stone as alexandrite, chiastolite, diaspore, iolite, moldavite, nuumit, tektite, thulite, zoisite

PITTA related ill effects can be overcome by the gems or stone as agates (all types), ametrine, carnelian, citrine, eudialyte, gold aventurine, golden beryl, lava rock, morganite, onyx, red aventurine, rock crystal, rose quartz, smokey quartz,yellow apatite

KAPHA related ill effects can be overcome by the gems or stone as azurite, chyrsocolla, eilat stone malachite, Shivalinga, Silver, snake jasper, stromatolite, turquoise, ulexite, 

VATA + PITTA related ill effects can be overcome by the gems or stone as amethyst, blue apatite, blue topaz, emerald fire opal

VATA + KAPHA related ill effects can be overcome by the gems or stone as abalone shell, amber, diamond (all varieties), opals (except fire opal)

PITTA + KAPHA related ill effects can be overcome by the gems or stone as bloodstone, calcite, dolomite, moonstone, tiger's eye, zircon 

VATA + PITTA + KAPHA related ill effects can be overcome by the gems or stone as amazonite, gold, mookaite, naturally occuring ruby/fuchsite/kyanite mixture

Tridosha  Periods

As per the principles of Ayurveda, each day is divided into six four-hour periods, each reflecting the dynamics of either kapha, pitta, or vata. The first period begins at dawn and moves into successive periods approximately every four hours. (Please note that the following time periods are based on a 6:00 am sunrise; if  sunrise in your area is earlier or later, you will have to adjust the periods accordingly):

Kapha: 6:00 am - 10:00 am; 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Pitta: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm; 10:00 pm - 2:00 am

Vata: 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm; 2:00 am - 6:00 am

We will all experience each tridosha period differently, depending on the extent to which kapha, pitta, and vata are balanced, deficient, or excessive in our constitutions. The following descriptions of the tridosha periods can help us to understand the effects of the cycles on our daily life, 

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Aja Ekadashi 2012 | Aja Ekadasi Fasting Method - Importance of Aja Ekadashi | Bhadrapada Krishna Ekadashi

Aja Ekadashi 2012 | Aja Ekadasi Fasting Method - Importance of Aja Ekadashi | Bhadrapada Krishna Ekadashi

January 21, 2011 14:00  cyrilgupta

aja_ekadasiThe Ekadasi of Bhadrapad Krishna Paksha is called as Aja or Kamika Ekadashi. Lord Vishnu is worshipped on this Ekadashi. Aja Ekadasi will be observed on 13th August 2012. By performing Jagran and observing fast, a person gets rid of all sorts of sins. The fruits of this Ekadashi have been considered auspicious everywhere, on earth or heaven. Observing Aja Ekadashi give the fruits similar to donating 100 cows. And, the person observing fast gets happiness and fame in his life. 

Aja Ekadashi Fast Method

The Ekadasi of Bhadrapad Krishna Paksha is called as Aja Ekadasi. Person observing this fast need to pay attention on many things for the Vrat of Dashmi Tithi (a day before Ekadashi). This day person need to sacrifice the following items. :-

  1. Person should not have meat on the Dashmi Tihti
  2. He should avoid eating Masoor Dal on the night on Dashmi Tithi, as it reduces the auspiciousness in results of Ekadashi.
  3. Grams should not be eaten. 
  4. Karonda should not be taken in the meal.
  5. Having leafy vegetables shall also decrease the good fruits of fast. 
  6. Honey should not be taken on this day. 
  7. One should not have food borrowed from others, on the day of fast and a night before. 
  8. On the day of fast, you should have food only once. 
  9. On the day of fast and on the Dashmi Tithi, Brahmacharya should be followed. 
  10. Person should not go for gambling on the day of fast. 
  11. Person should not sleep in the day time, during this fast or any other fast. 
  12. No betel leaves should be eaten on Dashmi Tithi
  13. You should not use Datun (brush of tree twig), nor cut any tree.
  14. Person should avoid condemning about others. 
  15. Person should not speak any lie. 

In order to observe the fast of Aja Ekadashi, a person should follow the above given things and wake up early in the morning of Aja Ekadashi. After completing the routine work he should clean the house. Then he should take bath using Til, mud and Kush. After bathing etc, he should worship Lord Vishnu. 

To perform the Puja of Lord Vishnu, cereals are placed at a clean place. An urn is placed on the cereals. The urn is decorated with a red cloth and worshiped. Now, on the urn a picture or idol of Lord Vishnu is placed. Before the idol, the resolution of fast is observed. Keeping fast without the resolution, does not give the full results of Vrat. After taking the resolution, Lord Vishnu is worshipped with incense sticks, lamps and flowers. 

Aja Ekadashi Fast Story

In ancient time, there ruled a Chakravarti Raja. His name was Harishchandra. He was a very brave, majestic and glorious ruler. To complete his promise he had sold his wife and son. He himself had become a servant of a cruel person. 

There he used to give shroud. But, in this difficult work also he did not leave the path of truth. After many years, he started feeling bad about his work and became upset. Then he started reaching some way to get free from this work and always used to stay tensed with this thought. 

Once, while he was wondering about what to do, he was Gautam Rishi coming. King bowed to him and narrated his sad story infront of Rishi. Rishi felt upset on listening and seeing the condition of king and said him “Hey king, in the Krishna Paksha of Bhado, Aja Ekadashi occurs. You should observe the fast of this Ekadasi in a systematic manner and perform the Jagran at night. You will get rid of all your sins.”  Saying this Gautam Rishi went from there. 

On the day of Aja Ekadashi, king observed the fast and performed Jagran, as told by Rishi. By the effect of this fast, all sins of the king were destroyed. At that time, flowers started showering from the sky. King saw Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Indra and Shiva, standing before him. He was his dead son alive and his wife in good clothes and jewellery. 

By the effect of fasting he got back his kingdom. After death, he reached heaven with his family. All this was the result of observing the fast of Aja Ekadashi. Person who observes this fast in a systematic manner and perform the Jagran at night , gets rid of his sins. And, he gets place in heaven after death. Just hearing the story of fast gives the result as of Ashvamedha Yagya.

To know about your Saturn's Sadesati please click on that link: Saturn's Sadesati

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